Foundation Profile of Onuesoke Foundation

Foundation Profile of Onuesoke Foundation


Onuesoke Foundation was incorporated in October 2009 with the CAC under the laws regulating Non-governmental Organizations in Nigeria with Registration Number CAC/IT/NO35217.

A non-profit government organization to promote public-private collaboration in attending to rural and community development program fostering sustainable development approach to challenges affecting rural communities and rural development.

A board of directors and the mode of operation of the foundation was also adopted.

The activities and broad line operations of the foundation was defined to affect humanity and restore nature as it can best support human life in the often neglected   rural communities.

The foundation advocates for a sustainable environment that will promote social and economic development.
The philosophy of the Foundation is built upon the activism, passion and approach Mr. Sunny Onuesoke the chairman of the organization has adopted over the years in his environmental campaign.  Hon Sunny Onuesoke , a passionate environmentalist sees it as a forum for public education on CLIMATE ISSUES AND THE EMINENT EFFECT OF CLIMATE CHANGE ON RURAL-DEVELOPMENT AS A COURSE to fight through this organization.

Onuesoke foundation is dedicated to rural development in all sector partnering with all stake holders for the common interest of rural Development and sustainable economy.

The Niger Delta region because of its peculiarity has been a great cause of concern to this organization though our interest of rural development is National wide.


Knowing that national Development cannot be achieved by the government alone,

We generate productive development projects with programs aimed at alleviating poverty, creating employment in the rural area, improving social economic growth and creating good living conditions in rural communities as they are the heartbeat of the Urban society.


  • Close relationship with communities and stake holders for project support
  • Initiating partners with common vision and values for rural development project, and for  resources and material support
  • Encouraging participatory ventures with Government and Agencies
  • Helping host communities with training support for continuity and the ability to manage their project after initial take off.
  • Involving host community participation for transparency, accountability and evaluation in all projects done for good result.


Touching our heart to attend to humanity is the outcry of rural communities  where natural resources for national-economic development are siphoned, are just left to operate in abject poverty with no attention for their common benefit. Rural communities for Long are the goose laying the golden eggs yet abandoned.

Also with the rural communities being far from modern education on climate issues as it affects their lively hood, crops and environment has been a matter of crucial approach to us.


We mobilize resources and material from private and public institutions, national and international bodies as partners in supporting   programs, interventions and activities for community development.


  • Organizing instrument for resources, fund and material from partners and collaborations with other Organizations for projects of value and benefits for rural development
  • Designing projects, programs, interventions and activities to meet our target objective
  • Partnering  with state and local Government for development projects
  • Promoting CSR of partnering organizations via development programs and interventions
  •  Coordinating activities  with partners , evaluation and supervision of project implementation
  •  Organizing educative programs for rural development


We are  environment-centered and climate-focused organization. We are committed and determined to environmental development initiatives in view of our program and projects; developed to adapt corrective environmental culture and values. It is the mission of the Onuesoke Foundation to restore nature and save humanity through;

  • Organizing and facilitating seminars, workshops, training and conferences
  • Partnership, Sponsorship and Volunteer Services
  • Enlightening people about environmental challenges in our societies.
  • Mobilizing and educating students to understand climate change and its harmful effects on humanity by establishing Green Future Clubs in schools as an avenue to empower and engage them in tree planting.
  • Conservation, protection and planting of trees as resilient measures
  • Developing strategies and mechanism for communities to adapt to the impacts of climate change.
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